The modern world demands that we are able to respond quickly and consistently with products, services, and information. We are are here to assist you. There are three main areas where WE can help:

1) Technology Planning, Acquisition and Maintenance,
2) Network and Internet Services,
3) Application Support.

Technology Planning, Acquisition and Maintenance

We assist you in selecting the optimal configurations for your needs.
We can source all required components for your environment, whether networked or stand-alone.
Our A+ Certified technicians can provide all services to keep your systems and network functioning at its best.

Network and Internet Services

We assist you with planning, design, and installation of your network.
We assist with troubleshooting, security, diagnostics and preventative maintenance.
We provide Remote Server Management and Data Storage Solutions.
We can secure your network including wireless, from attacks by intruders.
We can expand your communication safely through these technologies.
We can setup and help to maintain your electronic communications, such as e-mail, chat, and voice over internet.
We can design and host your web site.

Application Support

We help you to choose the software applications that best suit your requirements.
We can help you to configure your software for maximum productivity, and an efficient working environment.