Reduce your costs, Re-Use your old equipment…

The current state of the world we live in is difficult for pretty much everyone I know. It has impacted our lives at almost every level.

As a computer/network technician for more than 20 years, I’m writing this today to try and help a number of you determine how you can help yourselves and members of your family using the computer equipment that you may currently have; and which you may have thought about getting rid of and purchasing new systems.

To put these sort of thoughts in a perspective that may be easier from which to make a decision, I need to explain a few things first. I’m not going to tell you which kind system or where to purchase it. Instead I would like you to think about keeping what you have and doing some renovation to it. In the computer industry we call it refurbishing a system, and as long as your old system(s) can still actually run it is often easier as well as cheaper to refurbish then to buy a new one.

As someone who has dealt with many computers and their owners over the years, I have to honestly tell you that some attention to the hardware and a re-install of either the original or a new operating system can easily provide two or more years of use from that old system. In some cases a purchase of a couple of inexpensive pieces of hardware can provide even more life than that.

I’m not speaking of a big expense to bring them back to life. Often the things that are needed can be done for less than $200, how much less depends on what you want to do with the computer after it’s done. Obviously the higher your expectations are the more you will have to spend. In some cases it may well be cheaper to purchase a new system, than try to fix your old one. In these times when everyone needs to consider how much money is spent and where it goes. I have to tell you that I have personally refurbished many older systems for around $100.

Over the last few years I have been speaking of these refurbished systems more and more often. As they make great 2nd or even 3rd systems for homes that have children who can benefit from have their own computer. The computer I’m writing this on is one of those refurbished systems. As long as it is actually running, the cost can be very reasonable.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this you can wait for our next update or if you have email access you can send an email to

These are trying and difficult times for us all. We all keep trying and so many others keep making it difficult. Thanks for you time.

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